Sunday, October 3, 2010

Early Mid-Life Crisis??

So lately, I feel as though I'm constantly thinking of the things that I have always wanted to do, but have yet to do so far. I'm thinking about several things all at once, and it makes me wonder if in the back of my mind, it's because I know I'm getting older and sooner or later I will get to the point where doing some of these things won't be possible I should just do them now.

What things you ask? Well, I just so happened to make a collage to showcase a few of them...

1. Buy myself an awesome diamond necklace. I've never really bought myself something really nice, and I've always thought that it would just be nice to be able to do that for myself. I'm in the market for a heart necklace (big surprise!). For those of you who don't know, I am all about heart jewelry. I'm not really sure why, but hearts have just always been my thing. I've found a possible winner, but I'm still on the lookout for something amazing. I'll probably be doing that in the next month or so as my birthday gift to myself. :)

2. Take a dance class again. I have been dancing all of my life!! I took ballet classes when I was younger, jazz classes as I got older, dance in high school, joined a company in college, and continued dancing through theatre throughout high school and college. I miss it! I miss stretching every day, learning new combinations, working on form, performing...all of it! I've looked into taking classes at HCC before, and I think I may start looking again for this Spring. It's just something that I really want to do again. Last Spring I took a Hip Hop class with a friend through Parks and Rec. That was fun, but I really miss the authenticity of taking a class at a dance studio.

3. Get a tattoo. I've talked about this before, and it's still on my mind constantly. I'm not sure exactly when I will be doing this, but it is for sure now, and will most likely happen before the end of the year.

4. Learn how to play the acoustic guitar. It's just a cool thing to know how to do!! I have always been interested in music (I played the flute in band for 9 years) and the guitar is such a laid back-have-fun kind-of instrument.

5. Learn how to do a back walk-over and/or back handspring. Ok, I know this sounds odd, but when I was younger, I LIVED to do gymnastics. My parents couldn't afford the classes, so I was never really in gymnastics classes, but I practiced and pretended as though I was every day outside in our backyard. I would do round-offs, cartwheels, splits, and of course land with my arms in the air and a smile on my face just like the pros. BUT I never quite learned how to do a backwards walk-over and I've always wanted to!! A back handspring would be even more awesome, but I think for right now a back walk-over would be more realistic. (Google them if you're not sure what I'm talking about, there is a difference). I can already get into a bridge from standing up, so I'm half-way there. PLUS the music teacher at my school is a gymnastics teacher and she said she could help me (yes, I actually asked her...I'm serious about all of this stuff, people!). I'll keep you updated on my progress.

6. Learn how to line dance. I already know a few dances, but I SO want to be one of those people who just walk into a line dancing bar and just chime in oh-so-effortlessly. There's a place around here that gives lessons once a week, and my roomie and I have been talking about going here and there to brush up on our skills.

7. Take a cruise! This plan is already into action. Dan and I are planning on taking a cruise for our 3 year anniversary (which is 18 days from now!) in the Spring, during my Spring Break for school. We plan on going to the Western Caribbean. I can't wait!!

8. Learn how to play the piano. I never had much interest in the piano when I was younger, UNLESS my grandfather was playing. He was the most amazing pianist. He played the piano for 2 hours a day since he was 5 years old, played in all of these well-known concerts, played with jazz bands, etc. It was awesome. Since he passed, I've missed hearing the piano. I'm very intrigued by it and I really think it would be great to play. Dan is interested as well, and we have even talked about having a piano in our house one day to encourage our curiosity. :)

9. Travel the world! Ok, so this goal won't happen overnight. BUT I would like to start somewhere! Other than Canada, I have never been out of the country!! And as far as this country goes, I have only ever been on the East Coast! I personally feel that that is sad! I need to see the world! I want to taste new foods, experience new culture, meet new people, speak new languages and just live! I'm sure my cruise in April will give me the travel bug and influence me to start planning more trips. Europe is most-likely my next out-of-this-country stop. As far as within the U.S., I have been wanting to go to California to visit some family as well as travel through wine country, so maybe that will be my next US trip.

Well, that's it for now. I know there's more, but I tried to keep it to 9 (mostly because that's how many collage pictures I had, lol).

Do you have a yearning to do something special anytime soon?


Daniel (Author) said...

Yearning? Yup. Could happen any day ;)

breedwoman said...

i could TOTALLY help you with the back walkover. I was in gymnastics and cheerleading! The handSpring is a little harder but totally doable... for the handspring, start doing push ups now.. you need LOTS of upper body strength!
and yes i would LOVE to go on a cruise... chris and i talk about it all the time

JJ said...

Been there. Done that. I am envious. I would love to do those things all over again, but I have too many new adventures to negotiate. I am yearning to do all I have not done for as long as I can. You are too young for even an early mid-life crisis. Enjoy!

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