Sunday, October 24, 2010

30 day shred

Ok so I'm SICCCCKK of complaining, SICK of not feeling good about how my clothes fit, and SICK of my excuses for not eating as well as I should or not going to the gym.


On Monday, November 1st I will be starting this insane 30-day shred program by Jillian Michaels. I have heard several things about it before, and was reminded again of it when Erin had mentioned it.

Well I was at Target today, saw the DVD on sale for $10.00 and thought why the hell not...I need to get off my bum and do something!!

Well after seeing multiple before and afters (see here, here, and here) and reading up on how this program works, I'm convinced.

November 1st is the big day! I thought it would be nice to start on the first of the month as a fresh beginning. I will be taking measurements the night before and tracking my progress through this insane program. I will be honest and post my true feelings, so beware of my venting, whining, or nay-saying. I will do this!! If anyone wants to join me, let me know...I could always use a wing-man! (can you have a workout-wingman? Or does that only apply to men who need a friend to help them pick up chicks? Ah well, I'm using it anyways).


In other news, it was my 3 year anniversary with Dan this past weekend. We went to the melting pot (where we had our first date), played mini-golf, and went to see Jackass 3D (soo funny!). Overall, a great weekend. :)

Now....on to bed. Have a great Monday tomorrow everyone! :)


breedwoman said...

i never followed through so i'm going to join you this time! lol I have a conference the 1-3 but i'm going to bring the DVD to do it from my labtop at night, since i won't be cooking or cleaning or taking care of K i'll get at leastw Two good nights in before i get home! Plus come thanksgiving you and i can shred together!

Jess said...

Sweet!! We should! :) I'm excited!