Friday, April 16, 2010

Is it Summer Break yet?!

So yesterday I was in my classroom after school for TWO HOURS just cleaning and organizing. I love seeing it all nice and clean now, but man what a pain in the you know what!

My students are so messy! They leave their stuff everywhere! On my desk, on the bookshelves, on the floor! I've had to bribe them with table points just to get them to clean up their floor space! Oy!

School has been so crazy lately. This week alone included 4 meetings, the kick-off for the Simulated Congressional Hearings, a field trip to plant trees, practice for Science MSA, the school play, among other things. Ahhh! Spring for 5th grade is insane! We still have another field trip left, the 5th grade picnic, SCH, promotion, Science MSA, the School Carnival, workshops, a coteaching conference, more observations, 2 music concerts, 1 more progress report and 2 more report cards, field day, etc. etc.

What's even crazier is that school gets out on the 23rd of June, and I start summer school on the 28th! I only have 5 days without students!! oy.

On a positive note...I have a free trial of Netflix, so I'm catching up on the shows from last season's Glee :) I flippin' love that show! I've been watching the new shows also! So great <3

I saw Lisa Lampanelli funny! I was laughing the entire time! I love going to see comedians...I just love the idea that I'm going out with the sole purpose of laughing. :)

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Laughter Class. Here we come!

(Will it be obnoxious if I comment on every post?!?)

Jess said...

Not at all! I'm glad someone is reading!! :)