Monday, February 3, 2014

Getting my sweat on

So nutrisystem has been great for me.  A no-brainer.  I eat nutrisystem all day long and if I don't cheat, I continue to lose weight or maintain.  I have not gained at all since I've been on it.  I cheated a lot the first two or three months on it, so it would probably be more by now had I not, but so far I have lost 13 pounds with it.

I am officially about 5 pounds from my goal weight!

So now it's time to tone up!

I needed something new and heard good things about Jillian Michael's "Ripped in 30" dvd so I got it from Target a few weeks ago for ten bucks.

I tried it for the first time tonight and I loved it!

Here's the jist:

*It's 24 minutes.  That's it.
*It has cardio, strength, and abs.
*I actually liked it.
*I can turn on fun music and still follow along while not listening to her pep talk (I get annoyed with that stuff when I'm working out!)


I'm hoping I can stick with this.  I have a spot in my office to workout in all by myself with the door closed, which really helps.  I'm always self-conscious if I'm in a main living area where Dan is around.  He would never say anything or purposely interrupt of course, it's just my own insecurities.

Anyways, wish me luck! I need to get back on the workout train and get some sexy wedding arms!

Which, by the way...

67 days to go!!

omg :)

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