Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Must. Be. Positive.

The past two months have been awful.

In addition to the family death in December...

Our pipes froze the other day (we fixed it - but something else to worry about now/keep an eye on),
Dan and I got into a bad car accident on the way back from our relaxing trip to Blacksburg last weekend.
There was a horrible shooting in the mall a block away from us (I knew a couple people stuck there during it)
My car probably needs a brand new starter.
No matter how hard I try, with this new curriculum and crazy behaviors in our grade, I am always behind at work.


Here are the positives:
Our wedding is only 75 days away from today!
Our St. Thomas/St. John honeymoon is only 77 days away from today!
One of my closest friends/MOHs is due any day now with her baby girl :)
I get to see my uncle from Israel tomorrow!  (he's in town for a few days)
I sold over $2,000 in Thirty-One yesterday with 2 parties, which means more commission money to go towards the wedding! Woo!

It's hard to do, but there is always something kinda positive to look at, right? 

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