Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Simply put.

It's just so hard to live by "it is what it is" and "you can't try and please everyone."  I love saying them and sometimes I'm even able to follow them, but practicing what I hear people preach all the time is really difficult for me. Hoping my the saying "My day, my way" may actually come true in some form.  I also truly hope the same is for my groom too since it's his day as well.  It has been so hard for both of us not to think of everyone else involved in the process and day of, while trying to really focus on what it's all about...our love and union which just so happens to be in front of everyone that we are concerned about.

On a lighter note, a co-worker got me something saucy and fun (my guy reads this sometimes so that's all I'm saying) as a gift since she missed my bridal shower.  

And I opened it up in the front office at work today. At an elementary school! Ha! I was wondering why she was standing so close to me (she told me it was "just in case" anyone saw, so she had my back). 



breedwoman said...

Having gotten married 7 years ago it's not so long that I've forgotten all of the emotions, yet it's been long enough to give me perspective.
1. All the little details (ie decor, not involving people) do matter, to you. And you will remember them later and be glad you did them.
2. It really is about family. friends are great but it's really about family. The family you like and don't like. Coming from a big extended family that doesn't care one iota and chris coming from a small family that cares very much, I know this. If all of my family would have come to my wedding the reception would have doubled in size. But the ones that did come made it THAT much more special for me.
3. The details involving people don't matter. I almost had groomsmen in purple (not one of my fall wedding colors), we had dresses not fitting, hair not working, hell i didn't even like my hair and makeup. Could my pictures have been better if all this worked out, sure... do i care now... not so much.
4. Pre-wedding events. Don't be involved at all. Give basics (strippers or no strippers) and then let others handle it, that's why you have a bridal party, not just to look cute with you. Best decision I made to let my BFF just roll with it. Turns out she "got me" and it was amazingly me
5. You can't control other people. (hello police being called and people getting sent home the night before the wedding)
6. Get help, don't try to do it all yourself, don't micromanage or you will end up sewing 15+ tablecloths the week before your wedding (true story)
7. Something or a lot of things will go wrong. My flowers were dead, the grooms cake fell apart. Groomsmen had wrong tuxes, my hair was a helmet and i had to do my own makeup, security was called, black eyes were made, flower girl dresses didn't fit. The ring bearer wasn't in any of my post wedding pictures. But you know what? Chris and I said I do and so it was a win.

I love you! It will happen and it WILL be amazing. I know you're a planner, type A personality (honestly we all are when it comes to our weddings), but don't lose sight of what's really important... you and Dan standing before God and your friends and family saying I do. Everything else you will laugh about later. I love all the "quarks" about my wedding... good stories!

Jess said...

It's just my personality to be a planner :) I know things will go wrong no matter what, but it helps ease my anxiety and stress to have a say and help plan because it calms me. I absolutely expect surprises from my ladies/bridesman though, maybe just with a few must have or must not have ideas in the back of their minds.
I just can't believe it's all happening so fast! So exciting!