Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy Bee

**Stupid blogger won't take off the white highlight behind my text! Sorry if it hurts your eyes to read this!
I have been a bit MIA lately because I have been so flippin' busy!

List time! 

Why I've been such a busy bee:

*Work-- Spring time is the busiest time for 5th grade teachers! We have field trips galore, the simulated congressional hearings (which we study and work on for a month and a half), articulation with two different middle schools, the moving up ceremony and preparation for it, puberty education, and trying to get the rest of the curriculum taught in the meantime.  It's crazytown!  At least puberty education is entertaining!  One of the boys asked how long and big "it" actually gets to be (they used the term "maximum height and length"! Haha.  I guess the fascination with their genitalia starts young!

*Grad School -- Groooooaaann! My research class is kicking my butt and it sucks!! It's a lot of work, and every stinkin' little point counts! I have an 89% in the class.  How annoying! I would rather have a solid B, or a solid A. Not a freakin' B+! What a tease! I still have one more assignment left and an extra credit assignment too.  I'm hoping they can help me out with getting that A.

*Thirty-One -- I have been working SO hard to make my goals.  The first goal was to get the Ready, Set, Sell incentive.  I set my sights on the $500 goal (if you sell $500 in the first two weeks of April you get some free products).  BUT somehow I managed to pull off the $1,000 goal which got me more products for free! BAM! I also wanted to make it to the silver level for the National Conference incentive.  I am currently at the bronze level which means that I had a good chunk of the conference fees paid for and I also get a special kit of free products.  That level was for if you sold $4,000 from January to April.  Well, if you sell $8,000 in that time frame you can get to the silver level which gets you an additional $100 cash card to spend at the conference on whatever you want as well as special "perks."  Well after having two parties re-schedule last minute, I didn't think I'd make it. But I wanted it so badly, so I started offering lots of incentives to my customers and it worked!  I offered free shipping for two weeks.  I also offered an additional deal all day yesterday - a different one each hour...and I got 4 orders from it! SCORE!  So with those orders I was able to help out one of my hostesses...our goal was to get her party to at least $600 which we weren't sure we could do.  Well now it's at $850! Yeah baby! I freakin' love this job.

Why is it that I always find my energy late at night? I've been tired alllll day and now all of a sudden I want to stay up late and get more things done! Ugh! Figures!

Have a great night!

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