Sunday, March 17, 2013


My current excitements:
  • I'm having a jamberry party:!/events/572753029401724/  I'm excited! I love these things and can't wait to get some for free.
Love these!
  •  I'm moving to a new place, and although the moving part of it sucks I get to style a new place! Yesssssss
  • My thirty-one calendar has been filling up! I started out with a couple parties in March and only one in April.  Now I'm up to five in March and five in April! Score! I have a lot of business goals and incentives that I'm trying to work towards so I'm really happy about this.
  • Spring Break is almost here! Thank goodness! 9 school days left!  Although I'll be spending a good amount of my break unpacking and settling into the new place, I will also be sleeping in every day! And I'm determined to get a tan!  I've always been interested in trying a spray tan so I figured that's a great time to try on.
Have a great week everyone! 

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