Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm back!

Wow it's been a while!

I'm just going to post in list style, because I love lists so much and that's pretty much how my brain thinks, so that's how this blog post will go.

  • Work - This school year has been great so far.  Other than some a little drama with the background politics in teaching, my year has started off really well.  I have a great class and compared to last year, they are a breeze to deal with! In addition to that, I am a mentor teacher! I have a student teacher that I am mentoring twice a week right now in the Fall, and then five times a week in the Spring. It's pretty exciting and I'm really grateful to have an extra pair of hands in my classroom (in addition to my co-teacher and her intern too!)
  •  Grad School - Eh. It is what it is.  The content and projects involved (not including the 60 page articles that I have to read) are actually pretty interesting.  Here's the thing...I just don't care to be a student right now, so I'm not fully into it.  I'm doing my best of course, but I'm honestly only doing it because I have to.  If I didn't have to get a master's degree, I doubt I'd be doing this now. Ah well.  Gotta do it sometime! 
  • My Man - We're doing really well. We celebrated our five year anniversary a few weekends ago by going to Alexandria, Virginia.  We walked around and explored the boutiques and shops and then had a tasty dinner at a cool Irish Pub.  It was really nice.  We also have our holiday gifts figured out too!  I found this great Living Social deal that was perfect for us.  It included two nights at a cute Bed and Breakfast, and a wine tasting at one of our favorite wineries in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a really good deal, but because it wasn't what I could call "cheap" we decided we would just do that this year instead of gifts.  Plus we always go pretty big on our birthdays, so I feel like doing something fun together for Christmas is a great idea.
D and I at the VT game at Fed Ex Field in October
  • Make-up - So the BB cream I was all excited about in the post below? Yeah, totally returned it.  I LOVED how it looked, however I didn't love how much it made me break out all over my chin and jawline after using it for a week!  Luckily Sephora is really great about returns, so I just took it back.  Currently, I am trying a new one that has been reviewed by acne-prone individuals.  I haven't been using it every day, I guess because I'm apprehensive I'll break out again.  But so far, I really like it.  This is it:
Skin79 BB Cream
  •  Thirty-One - WOW! I'm overwhelmed with how busy I am right now! I currently have 11 parties right now! (that's including online/catalog parties and house parties).  It's awesome, and I'm still loving it. This weekend I have a party on Friday night, Saturday night, and on Sunday afternoon.  Whoa! 
  • This time of year - I am so happy during this time of year!  I'm not happy about the declining temperature, but I am happy about the little things that I love about Fall.  Things like pumpkin flavored foods/beverages, apple cider, boots, getting cozy in blankets at night, holiday gift shopping, and Thanksgiving.

I know I have been busy a lot and some of you who still read this like to do so to keep up to date.  I will do my best to try and update this when I can.

Have a great night!  Happy Election Day! It's such an exciting day for our country! I'm interested in seeing what will happen!


JJ said...

Welcome back, and happy teaching.

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J Lynne said...

Aw, happy belated anniversary to you guys! I love the idea of going away somewhere for a holiday gift. I think experiences together like that can sometimes be more meaningful and memorable than tangible gifts.