Thursday, June 28, 2012

Burger Destiny?

So I had some time yesterday in between walking at the lake after school (it's a 2.5 mile walk!) and my physical therapy appointment, so I decided to get something little to eat and drink.

I drove to McDonald's with the thought in my head of "Oh maaann a cheeseburger would be great right now!"  But since I'm trying to be good, I decided to go with a fruit and yogurt parfait instead.  So I order my small drink and parfait, pay and get my bag.  I drive away, open the bag only to find...a cheeseburger!  

I checked my receipt just in case I said cheeseburger on mistake, but I didn't! I did say parfait! 

Apparently it was DESTINY that I have a cheeseburger that day!  Well, I can't just waste a perfectly good cheeseburger! And hey, if the Gods want me to have some meat, I will have some MEAT! 

*Oh and don't worry, it wasn't a big mac or anything,  just a regular ol' little cheeseburger.

:) Gotta love fate!

LOL I googled "Destiny" and this picture came up! Ha! 

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