Friday, March 2, 2012

No wonder I love this new job!

Mini Zipper Pouch

All-In-One Organzier

I get to sell cute bags like these...and when I buy them it's great marketing for me, since everyone sees them and asks questions!


I'm using the top one as a pen holder for when I do 31 parties (I figured it would be good because then everyone is passing it around and admiring it!)

I'm thinking of using the pink one as a (cute and stylish) car trash can. 


I'm so excited -- my first Thirty-One party is tomorrow and I'm hosting it at my house.  This will be the first time we will have a lot of people over at once since we've moved in.  I LOVE hosting and having people over, so I'm excited I can finally do it!


J Lynne said...
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J Lynne said...

You're a natural at selling these! I had a great time at your 31 party today. (Technically, yesterday.) Best of luck with this new part-time gig.