Monday, February 27, 2012

Why does it always have to be about money?!

"Show me the monneeeeeyyyy!!"

I hate that money is involved in EVERYTHING.  I can try to be all positive about love and life and relationships, etc. etc...

But the reality is that money is on all of our minds EVERY day.

It's so annoying!

I don't want to think about it all the time, and I wish it wasn't such a stresser and constant thought on my mind.

This month alone, I have my regular bills (rent, BGE, verizon, gym, student loan, cell phone, gas, food).  I also had my huge 6 month car insurance payment (over $500), and I'm getting a lot of maintenance done on my car too (about $550).  Not to mention the money I have put into starting my own business (Thirty-One).  I feel like every time I feel good about money, there's always a random other bill or expense that pops up!

I wonder if my wallet/bank account are traitors! Maybe they tell everyone that I have some "extra" non-used money in my account, so that's why I get random bills/expenses?!

I have my master's degree program coming up as well.  For the first semester, I need $700.  I know that that is a severely discounted rate, considering the fact that the rest of it has been reimbursed by the county.  I reaaallllyy didn't want to, but I think I will be taking out a student loan for my master's.  My hope would be to pay some of it myself initially and then use the loan for the rest, so that when I finish my master's, it won't be for the full amount of the degree.  We shall see.

Do you ever feel annoyed that it's always all about money?!

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