Sunday, March 11, 2012

Teacher by day, independent business woman by night!

**Do you have any words that you chronically spell incorrectly? I have two.  One is business and the other is environment. You would think that as a teacher that uses both of those words pretty frequently, I would get the hang of it, but apparently my brain is full of spellings and just doesn't have the room for those two.  Go figure.


Thirty-One has been going great!

I had my first party last weekend at my house.  So I was the hostess and consultant and it worked out really well.  I was nervous, but since it was my family and friends, it wasn't that big of a deal.  The party had a really great turn-out, shopping wise, and I was able to split it into two parties when I put them in, so that I can earn this company incentive easier (when I have three parties within my first 30 days as a consultant, they send me free products!)

I had my second party this past Friday and it was really fun.  It was for a co-worker who is pregnant and just started telling people about it.  So of course having a thirty-one party with lots of bags that would be great to use as a new mommy was perfect for her!  AND even though there were only 8 or 9 guests there, I booked 3 parties that night with her guests! SCORE!

I also just registered to go to the National Conference for Thirty-One in Atlanta, Georgia in August.  I'm really nervous to travel alone, since I'm not a fan of planes but I'm excited to go.  Girls that go get a TON of free products, lots of training on how to make your business (there's that word again!) more successful, and you get to meet lots of women who do this all over the country. 

It's going to be SUPER hot.  I can't believe I'm going to Atlanta in August! Goodness! It's a good thing that for most of the time, I'll be inside an air-conditioned building for meetings and conferences!

I'm so glad that I started doing this, I absolutely love it and can't wait to start seeing a true monetary benefit from it! (I haven't earned a lot so far, and what I have earned has gone right back into the business to keep it going)


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J Lynne said...

I couldn't spell "restaurant" or "museum" correctly for a long time. That's cool that you're going to Atlanta!