Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We Moved!

*Pictures of our house and moving process to come...

This past weekend, we moved into our new house. :) With the help of some awesome friends/family and a U-HAUL truck we were able to move the majority of our belongings to the new place.  We had to get some more the next day too.  Oh man, the amount of steps I got this weekend was insane! I am kicking my step competition's butt this week!

Dan's mom was a huge help on Sunday by helping me get the kitchen all together.  I took off Monday and got my closet/clothes all organized and together.  Since then, I have been trying to do a little bit each night.  I still have three boxes or so to unpack and put away.  Then it's just deciding where to put the boxes.... (a lot of them we recycled, but some of them are the plastic kind that you keep).

I'm most excited about our kitchen right now, because we put up all of our fun kitchen art...again, I have pictures to come soon.  I'm exciting about what the living room will be like soon...a good friend is giving us a loveseat for free! Woo! We just need to get a cover for it and I think it'll match our room perfectly!  We needed some more seating, so I'm really pleased about it, and thankful for such generous friends!

Here's what the loveseat looks like:
We already have a big couch that has a dark brown cover on it.  So a beige loveseat would go great with the color scheme that we want.  :)

So it's's my list of why it's such a fantastic month:
  1. My birthday is this month!  It's the 7th, which is this Friday :)
  2. It's the month of our anniversary!  The 21st :)  In 16 days it will be 4 years for us! 
  3. I love dressing up for Halloween, both at school and with friends at home
  4. Although I am not a fan of cold weather, I love to watch the leaves change.  I also love those perfect fall outside with the sun shining down still.  Beautiful!
  5. If it's October, that means we're getting closer to my other favorite holidays...Thanksgiving and Christmas! Woo! (and breaks off of school, of course!)
Is anyone else excited that it's October??

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