Monday, March 14, 2011

Union Rally in Annapolis!

So thousands of teachers rallied in Annapolis tonight to fight to save our pensions and salaries!

Unfortunately, where we were standing we could not hear what was being said by the speakers, so I don't have much to tell about what was said there.

It's still early to see much in the news yet, but I did find a Washington Post article and WBAL article:

*Seeing THOUSANDS of people from all over the state rally to Annapolis! We walked almost a mile while holding balloons, signs, and WOOOOing to show our support! There were over 200 busses that transported educators to Annapolis today.

*When the entire crowd put up the quiet sign (peace sign) so that everyone could hear the speakers. Only teachers!

*When the speaker wasn't speaking up, someone yelled, "Use your teacher voice!" Ha!

*State employees came out of their windows to wave and take pictures! If anything, we had a voice today and they knew we were there!

*Phrases like "Keep the Promise" and "Move forward, not back" were chanted throughout the night.

So I didn't get home from all of this until about 10pm, so no workout for me tonight. BUT I did get about 2 miles or so in of walking tonight, so that's something!


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