Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays!

So Christmas was a lot of fun with both of our families this year. Lots of good food, great presents, and family time. We haven't exchanged with Dan's brother's family yet because they were in NC, but will soon. :)

In other news, my Winter Break started on a rocky note, when I found out I was a victim of credit card fraud. No small cost either...it's currently up to $740.10. I filed a police report and at first they thought the cashier from Target may have taken my number from the swiper (which I was secretly hoping was false, because then my obsess...I mean uh, relationship with Target would drastically change for the worst). But after the officer checked into it more, we found out that that is not possible (my love for Target is completely restored!!). We also found out that all of the charges are from California. I guess a hacker may have gotten it from me when I ordered something online recently. Who knows.

Well what made this whole situation even more irritating, was that my bank said it would take up to 2 weeks to get back my cards. OH YEAH...and that's another thing. I only have two cards. A debit card and a credit card, both under the same institution. So since they're supposedly connected, they both had to be blocked. GREAT. Well they told me that I can expedite the cards, for ONLY $15.00 per card. Um, excuse me?! I have to pay money to get my cards sooner, when this whole mess wasn't my fault?! AGGH!

So I ended up expediting one of the cards. Turns out Fed Ex is the one who delivers it, but only with a signature. I was not aware of this. So this morning on my door, was a Fed Ex sticker saying that I had to go pick up my order sometime after 2 pm. Ok, fine. No big deal, right? Nope. The catch: It's in Linthicum. Great. We got SUPER lost in the icky part of Baltimore for a good half hour trying to find this stupid place. Then, when we got there we had to wait a while because the package was on the other end of the building so it took a while for the person to get it.

AHHHH what a mess. Oh, and I am still waiting to file a claim for the money, because I can't until ALL of the charges have gone through. Still waiting on one charge. Once that goes through, I'll be in the bank filling out the paperwork for it. Hopefully they will put the money back in ASAP. We shall see.


Went shopping with Dan and his mom today. I was really good! I only bought one shirt, which I'm really excited about, from Old Navy.

Don't you love how feminine and pretty it is? I love it! It may just be part of my New Year's outfit, but we shall see. Dan and I are going to Maggiano's for a nice dinner (which is why I'm not sure about the white shirt at a pasta place) and then stopping by his brother's later on for the countdown.

I'm trying to get rid of a cold. I've been taking these Zicam rapid melts and trying to drink lots of fluids. Wish me luck!

Happy Holidays!

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