Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2 days to go!

Two more days to go until Winter Break. Thank goodness! I am soooo ready to have a break to relax and just breathe for a minute. I plan on drinking more hot tea, sleeping more, and just taking time for myself. I hope to workout a lot too, which will be easy with Dan home. He always wants to work out. :)

So despite how tired and ready for break I have been lately, I'm still really enjoying my class this year. I think that since it's my 2nd year now and I know what's going on, I have more of a chance to really enjoy my students and laugh more than I did last year. It's nice. When I'm away from them, I honestly miss them! (I missed the kids last year too, of course).

So in other news, our pension system which is already pretty suck-tastic, is getting worse! Grrrreaatt. Seriously, this is not making me want to stay with teaching for very long! The pay already sucks, and now they're making our pension even worse?! WTF.

It really makes me think that one day I will consider switching fields. If possible, I'd love to stay within education somehow, mostly because I just love it so much and it's always been a part of me. But honestly, I don't know how it'll work. I know that I will at least stay in for five years so that I'm vested and get the money that was put in for my pension. Apparently if I leave before then, I don't get all of it.

So what field? I have always seen myself doing something that's related to admin or office kind-of work. I love scheduling, planning, paying attention to details, and staying organized. I think I would rock an assistant job or administrative office job. Well, maybe one day later on.

Anywho, time for bed.

Peace out!

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