Tuesday, January 17, 2012


  • Working Out - I am still working out at least three times a week, and taking my GNC vitapak.  I fianlly saw the scale move (down of course)!  Not by a lot, but at least it was SOMETHING like I had wanted.
  • School - It has been pretty stressful lately, because of some seriously misbehaved children combined with a lack of support from....a lot of people.  I'll leave it at that.  So now when I get home, I'm not only physcially exhausted like usual from standing and walking around children all day, but also mentally exhausted from arguing my case with co-workers, and dealing with the political side of teaching that they don't warn you about in your education classes in college.
  • I got a new bedding set from IKEA today that I have been anxiously waiting to get.  I literally wanted to wash everything immeadiately when I got home tonight so I could put it all on right away. BUT our knob for the washer temperature broke off last week, and the new one won't be here for a few days.  Normally I wouldn't care, and just wash the duvet cover in cold water, but since the insert that came with it specifically said use hot water only, I'm apprehensive to use anything other than that, ESPECAILLY because I just bought it and you never know what new sheets/clothing items will do in their first wash...  So anyways, you'll probably see a post with lots of bed pictures once I can switch our washer to hot and get all that ready for my bed :)
  • We made a definitive decision on our Spring Break vacation in April: Puerto Rico, here we come!  We are planning on purchasing the tickets/resort package this month.  Probably towards the end of the month, so I can add in all my extra babysitting money (I've been picking more up just so I can save for it faster).
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  • One of my bffs is totally preggers and due on Feb. 2nd!  That's SO soon!  I can't stop thinking about how exciting it is to see one my close friends as a mom and to have a baby around!  I know it will change a lot too, but it's just so surreal and exciting right now to think about.  Woo!!
That's about it.  OH and I will probably not be making a resolution post.  I'm not sure if I really believe in them much, especially because I can't think of one serious resolution that I honestly stuck with for a whole year.  So we will just say that in general I am trying to maintain the healthy habits that I have been doing for the past month. :) I am also trying to make a more consciencious effort to have more do-nothing non-planned time.  It is HARD to do for me, but I'm trying! We shall see how that works out...

Anyways, have a good night!

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