Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I want to cry.

I have been working so freaking hard to lose weight and tone up. My cruise is this Sunday and I just wanted to look at least a tad bit better in a bathing suit. So I decided to get a new bathing suit. Easy, right? No. I've never had this much trouble EVER.

Attempt 1: I found a bottom and top I loved in a great color: Neon Coral. I was so excited, I bought it, clicked send and had happy dreams that night about my new colorful suit. A day later I checked my confirmation email, only to notice that in my giddiness I mistakenly ordered a navy blue top and a neon coral bottoms. CRAP.

Attempt 2: Before the first shipment gets here, I buy the neon coral top to match. I'll just send the blue top back when it gets here. No big deal. I get the original shimpent in the mail. I try them on just 'cause, and OMG the top does not fit. Like, it REALLY doesn't fit. Like trying to put Cantelopes into a top made for oranges. Not cute. The material was folding down because my girls were busting loose (ha, bust-ing). Well AWESOME, because it's a size LARGE and so is the coral top that's on the way. Double crap.

Attempt 3: I quickly go online to look for a solution and find a whole category for D-DD that I didn't see before. Great, I'll just find a neon coral top....Nope! Nowhere to be found. So I found a whole new top and the same bottoms...but can't find a matching color. The only two matching sets of the top and bottom that I want were pink leopard and black. Black it is. It's supposedly slimming, right? So I order that suit. Bonus: I got a surprise reward card from the last order and it turned out to be for $100 so I didn't pay for this suit at all and had some money leftover to spare.

(by the way, at this point I've already sent back 2 shipments) Today: I got my black suit in the mail (I paid extra to have it on time for the cruise). I tried it on and YOU'VE. GOT. TO. BE. KIDDING. ME. The D top is too freaking small and I feel suffocated.


Well, it's Thursday after 4pm. There's no way to get a bigger size here in time for my cruise, unless I pay $25 extra shipping to have it mailed on Saturday. Screw that!

I want to cry.

I've been trying soooooooooo hard to lose weight and to eat better. And now because of my boobs and the stupid sizing charts of VS, I don't have a new exciting suit to wear. I just get to wear last year's suits and feel huge.

*I took off comments, because I don't want comments. I just wanted to vent.*

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