Sunday, August 25, 2013

Guess what tomorrow is?!

First day of school with my new class!

Just like every year, I have mixed feelings.  Relief to have a "normal" schedule again, sadness that the Summer weather is over and my chance to take mid-day naps, excitement for Fall flavored drinks like my precious pumpkin spice latte, and overall being overwhelmed with knowing how busy I'm about to become again.

Thankfully this Summer has given me a lot of time to get a TON of wedding stuff done so I don't have a lot of crazy stuff to do this Fall for it.  So that's good.

Things that I have left to do in the next couple months:

  • Find/Set-up hotel block and set-up shuttle bus 
  • Edit/piece together the ceremony readings and passages with Dan and pastor Ken
  • Play around with wine bottles to see what I like for the centerpieces
  • Figure out the whole centerpiece look
  • Send out save the dates after choosing which engagement photo I want to use for it (the photos are this upcoming Saturday!)
  • Figure out if we are doing a rehearsal dinner...and if so, how/what we are doing for it
  • Go to the tasting party in November to make decisions about our menu
  • Finish the BBB registry
  • Buy jewelry for wedding (I just chose it today!)

Anywho... have a good night! Wish me luck with the kiddos tomorrow! :)

*Shout out to the ladies who have helped me a lot lately with wedding stuff! You know who you are! :)

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