Monday, August 13, 2012


So what they had said about the Thirty-One conference was true!
  • I got LOTS of free stuff! I counted up the value of it all, and it's over $400 worth! Awesome!
  • There were a TON of women there! About 14,000 of them, believe it or not!
  • After going, I am super motivated for my business. Wanna know how motivated? I had a thirty-one party the very next day at my house and sold over $1,000 for just that party! Then I had another party a couple days later and sold over $600! Sweet! 
  • I've already booked some more shows, done some email things here to some customers, and in a couple weeks I plan on mailing out some new catalogs to get the buzz going on the new products and prints.   
  • Being there was so exciting, and completely worth it! I am so glad that I decided to go, although I still don't like to fly.  Ah well. 
Seeing the salary scales that are possible with this company was so surreal.  There is a lady who made $943,000 in commission last year! Holy crap! This company is the definition of the pyramid idea, and as you make your way up, the people under you help you make even more money.  It's pretty great, if you ask me.  I couldn't be more excited about that, because I have two girls who want to sign up under me in the next week or so! I really hope they do, because when they do (and qualify with a certain amount of sales) I will start making 2% off of each of their sales, in addition to the 25% of my own sales that I already get.

 I just love this job!

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